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Home Buying Process Changes


Buying a Home for the First Time? How Real Estate Industry Changes Could Impact Buying Power If you are in the market to buy a house, chances are you have heard about the recent settlement agreed upon by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that throws out a 1990 rule that required agents to offer [...]

Home Buying Process Changes2024-06-06T16:25:45+00:00

What Is Home Title Theft and Ways to Avoid It


Share: Housing valuations continue to climb, which means home equity has soared for homeowners… unless someone commits identity theft to steal that equity. Home equity theft, deed theft and title theft are on the rise, and many real estate and government officials fear it could have a major impact on homeowners in hotspots across the [...]

What Is Home Title Theft and Ways to Avoid It2024-05-09T23:00:48+00:00

How to Set Up an Estate Account in 4 Steps


Estate owners want to be sure that all their assets are taken care of after their death. How can estate owners be sure that their money will be properly looked after, even when they are gone? They will likely appoint an executor to manage their estate for them. If you’ve been designated as someone’s executor [...]

How to Set Up an Estate Account in 4 Steps2024-05-09T22:19:56+00:00

A Guide to LLC Filing Fees by State: Know the Costs of Starting Your Business


Filing for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) may sound like a daunting task. Where should you start? How expensive is it to start an LLC? How long does LLC filing take? It’s worthwhile forming an LLC because it protects you from liability, gives you more flexibility in how you manage your business, and offers some [...]

A Guide to LLC Filing Fees by State: Know the Costs of Starting Your Business2024-05-09T22:11:29+00:00

Unveiling Small Business Power


Unveiling Small Business Power: Pairing a DBA with Your LLC for Business Triumphs. If you are starting a small business, you want to make the best decisions to help your business succeed. One of your main considerations should be whether you will register your business as a limited liability company (LLC) or as a “doing [...]

Unveiling Small Business Power2024-04-09T17:39:34+00:00

Security For Smart Home


Security For Smart Home: How to Protect It From Identity Thieves In the rush to fill our homes with intelligent devices ranging from voice-activated assistants to connected coffee cups to smart TVs, we seem oblivious to the security risks. These smart devices could be used as spy tools, opening doors for cybercriminals to steal personal [...]

Security For Smart Home2024-04-08T17:56:03+00:00

Navigating Small Claims Court: Things to Consider for Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you know the amount of legal challenges that can frequently arise. What should you do if a minor legal issue with a customer or employee turns into a legal battle? Small claims court may give you the opportunity to get quick resolution to legal disputes. It can be a great [...]

Navigating Small Claims Court: Things to Consider for Small Businesses2024-03-12T03:31:43+00:00

How Life Insurance May Impact Your Estate Planning


If you are like most people, you probably only have a vague understanding of the purpose that life insurance is supposed to serve. And you may not know that life insurance may impact your estate planning. So when you start thinking about Wills, Trusts, advance directives and more, you may also want to start thinking [...]

How Life Insurance May Impact Your Estate Planning2024-03-12T03:19:56+00:00

Why Is It Important To Check Your Credit Report?


Your credit reports are an important record of your credit activity, loans, public records and more. Creditors such as credit card companies and banks submit your credit information to the three major credit bureaus, which compile this info into your credit report. If you ever need to take out a loan, your lender will review [...]

Why Is It Important To Check Your Credit Report?2024-03-12T02:30:55+00:00

Small Business Tax Planning Tips for the 2024 Tax Season


Small business tax planning can cause a headache. If this is your first year preparing for small business tax filing, you may be looking for tips on small business taxes for beginners. Perhaps you have owned your business for years, but you still need some helpful small business tax advice. Even if you have a small business [...]

Small Business Tax Planning Tips for the 2024 Tax Season2024-02-13T04:52:26+00:00

Avoid These Common Romance Scams


Many people want to find that special someone. If you are on the hunt for a soulmate, you may be frequenting dating sites to see if you can match with the perfect person. Lots of folks find love online! But problems can pop up fast if you fall into the wrong hands online. Romance scams are nasty schemes [...]

Avoid These Common Romance Scams2024-02-13T04:09:30+00:00



Trusts may be set up as part of an estate plan for several reasons. For example, a Living Trust can help with estate tax issues, help avoid probate and address certain family circumstances. A Living Trust is a Trust that is established during a lifetime. It distributes assets similar to a Will. Avoiding Probate can [...]


What is Digital Real Estate & How Does it Work?


Everything you need to know about the wide world of digital real estate Most of us have heard of real estate before. It’s a parcel of land that you can own, as well as the structures and natural resources that come with it. So, what is digital real estate? It is the same concept, but [...]

What is Digital Real Estate & How Does it Work?2023-11-16T19:08:24+00:00

Why College Students Need a Durable Power of Attorney


Parents of college students know how stressful it can be to have a child away at school. Whether it’s the beginning of their university adventure or they are seasoned under-grads, it’s never too late for you to help your child with their financial and medical needs, as long as they ask for your assistance and parental [...]

Why College Students Need a Durable Power of Attorney2023-11-16T18:48:34+00:00
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